content is king, queen and jester

Elephant in the room - AI. Summary, embrace it and edit the content. There isn't a prompt you can feed that thing yet to tell it to be funny or fully understand the concepts you're throwing to it. We're going to need humans for a good while yet, but yes, it's a revolutionary tool that is going to be/is everywhere now.

I'm (currently) made of meat and capable of turning the most mundane of content into something engaging and humorous. In conjunction with AI use, I can become a total content monster. It's wild.

a man pointing to a chess knight, a pen and some written content

ai is free labor and it'll do content better (lol)

a robot writing content

But nah, you don't have to hire a person! You've read the latest Reddit thread all about how, you're going to beat the ethical guidelines, turn 'em upside down - but allow me to take a minute while you sit right there and tell you why AI ain't that hot and I ain't scurred.

I said the part already where it's not funny? It's not factual, either. The thing is about as trustworthy as the internet because that's where it got its content. Editors are required. I am a savvy one.

Sold already? Hot dang, that was easy.

plagiarism, GPT, academia, and more

The ivory tower is having a fit about AI too. Plagiarism detection was a dicey business at best before, and despite the introduction of algos that can scan for AI structure, it's even worse now. How can you keep up with it? You can't.

The conclusions that people are reaching from this standpoint are grim! You wanna bum yourself out, be my guest; go read 'em. Or don't, AI wrote half of them anyway. (Seriously, AI is now appearing in published acedemic journals. It is not great.)

message bubbles commenting on written content

Doctors hate this one weird trick that improves your page score

A doctor with a stethoscope pressed to a computer monitor

You like easy? ME TOO. Check out how easy this hack is: Hard work on good content. If you use AI or if you don't, the rules remain the same. Don't plagiarize; ensure accuracy and make it engaging.

You want to compete with the guys out there using the GPT API to crank out 500 blog posts a day on their sites? You have to, for now! Google will eventually cook 'em, and when they swing around to you and see your sumptuous content, they'll leave you alone. Nice.