your website is integral to your marketing efforts

Your website is more than a digital billboard or a catalog, it's an important part of your marketing funnel and a vital gateway between you and your clients. A well-designed website can please both your customer and the latest SEO standards.

Writing and designing for robot and mammal alike isn't as complex as you'd think; you just need to communicate your value proposition clearly. Good UX/UI and content framed well is always in fashion.

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a 30 minute zoom call could change your life

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Once you drop a line, I'll send you an invite to a video conference you can set at a convienent time for you. If you think we would be a good fit together after our introduction, I'll ask for a scope of work and get you a quote and a service contract.

My experience set is with Joomla, Wordpress and Webflow but I can edit your custom coded website as well. I've worked with sites built with HTML5, CSS and Javascript, and can even give your site a rudementary SEO audit.

Big project? Right this way.

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video services also available

Have equipment, will dabble. I've worked as a video editor, production assistant, written scene scripts and produced commercials. In my work with advertising agencies I've embedded these same videos into client's websites with accurate web schema and metadata to ensure Big Results.

I also like remixing old VHS tapes and keeping crickety old computer equipment; some of it is even for sale.

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I'll turn the sad down line into a happy up line

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That's what we all really want, isn't it? A record of our achievements. Footprints in the sand of eternity; a mark across the face of God that says, "Barry had excellent Q4 results, so his boss gave him a small bonus and took him to a comedy club."

Well buddy, that's what I'm here for. To help you get the results that you'll want to go home bragging about, that might even earn you a small bonus, that MIGHT even make your parents proud of you.