you can't do anything without qualified leads

Top 'o the sales funnel to ya, cause without it you ain't got much. Don't make your sales department cold call; it doesn't work and everyone involved in a cold call hates it. Qualified, warm leads are the key to higher closing rates.

Warm leads aren't particularly hard to get, all we're talkin' here is getting in front of the people who need your goods/services. If you know how to get where they're looking, then the job is mostly done. Just convince them to take the leap.

icon of a man at the center of a network

good content is good seo; from these two your leads will grow

icon of pencil and paper

Just start chanting it. Let the truth set you free. Your clients are looking for good, accurate information about your business so they can compare you to the competition. Give it to them in a digestible manner and everyone can go home happy.

Well-organized, information-rich content is always gonna rank and it doesn't really matter if it's me or you writing it or a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) . AI is here and it's fine, but you'll need to learn to use it or hire someone who does because it isn't going away and it IS going to change things.

Market well, get the sale. Start here.

what went wrong: as a service

Just because you've been poring over reports doesn't mean you're seeing the whole picture. Doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong either, you may just need another head to look at it.

So, my head is pretty good. Fifteen-plus years of marketing and advertising strategery within this bean and you can put this power to use right now. My SEO audit will reveal stuff you didn't know and it will be actionable information you can use to improve your SEO posture right now.

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seo is only magic if you don't understand it

a magic wand and a top hat

Google publishes information about what ranks publicly and they aren't secretive about it. The details change, but the overall aim is the same. Good content ranks.

Stay within the lanes and riff, that's the entire game. Such as it has always been. So there are robots now. Embrace the bot. It's here to help you. I'm here to help you. I'm happy to teach any and every client how to utilize AI, it's amazing stuff. Ready to modernize?