minimal resources? looming deadlines? gimmie that.

I eat stress. Yum yum yum. If you have a complicated tech infrastructure problem or need to build an internet department in your business (or a business development center, whatever the cool c-suites are calling it these days) with I dunno, spit and wire and a pile of Dell OptiPlexes (OptiPlexi?) I CAN DO IT.

Especially if that's an automotive dealership.

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so why arent you just running an internet department for a dealership somewhere

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Maybe it's the smell of motor oil or getting first crack at the traded-in cars, but oh boy howdy do I love the automotive industry. Cars. Driving 'em. Sellin' 'em. Good Stuff.

I got the opportunity to work with folks that were putting car inventory online for the first time and revolutionizing the car selling industry by selling steel online. I loved it. But, I had to leave. Why?

The car industry has some major issues with misogyny. There is a mini-cottage industry based around navigating how to buy a car if you're a woman (check out Ask Patty and the history of companies like it), and the culture in many dealerships, even today, is very uncomfortable. You can imagine how psychically damaging it is to pull in to work every day, especially if you're a woman. I got tired of going in and essentially being a part of a system that had huge problems when I wasn't empowered to do anything about it.

If you run your dealership differently, I would be more than happy to talk to you.

You want to do it yourself instead?

I have this pile of customers idk what to do with

CMS! CMSes! (Content Management System? Customer Management System? Both! I've done both, friend!) I've been configuring and filling out these things for like 15 years plus, and I am very good at it. I have a detail brain that makes me want to do fiddly little tasks like this.

I can optimize your existing CMS or set one up for you. Anyway this will help you sell stuff to that pile of customers. I can explain it if you need me to but that's where...

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consulting, i can do it!

a man fielding questions comes in. I have a lot of varied experience in marketing and advertising, and if you've been reading the copy on this site, you have probably formed an opinion about me and my whole style already. If you're still reading, you'd likely benefit from reaching out and at least sharing a short e-mail exchange with me.

You want my bona fides or references, check my LinkedIn here. I have the ability to grasp patterns well and can tell where systems are hiccupping reasonably quickly. An 8-hour consultation with me where I'm guided through your workflow can save you a lot of gaddang money.